Pastor Richardson:

                                 Bishop-elect Nathaniel Richardson Jr. was born to the late Nathaniel Richardson Sr. and late Mother Comer Richardson. His parents considered him “the miracle child”. At birth the enemy tried to sift him, But GOD said NO! His mother, a Godly Woman always recounted this with him. She along with the mid-wife saw the call of God on his life, from birth to his young adult life. Although he was not saved his mother knew there was a call on his life. She witnessed to him and his siblings. She told them the importance of salvation and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. She witnessed to them both in Word and Deed. Bishop-elect Nathaniel Richardson Jr. soon took heed and one night he along with his siblings went to the altar to call on that ONE Name Jesus! Soon after receiving the gift of The Holy Ghost he began to hear the Call of God on his Life and he obeyed, and began preaching the Gospel! Many years had passed and he met a young lady by the name of Sis. Annie Edwards. After getting to know each other they both sought God as to what they should do next. Pastor Nathaniel Richardson Jr. had felt led of God to ask her hand in marriage. They were then united in Marriage before God and Man.

Lady Richardson:

                                        Missionary Annie Richardson was born to the late Mr. and Mrs. Edwards. She was born the 5th of 7 children. She was brought up in a home that knew very little about Holiness. As a child the only person in her family that had portrayed a holy life and that had received the gift of the Holy Ghost was her aunt Rose. The family shunned her because they didn't believe it took all that (Holiness). Her family were of a different denomination, that believe “do the best you can” .  Some years had passed and her sister Mother Etta Edwards received the gift of the Holy Ghost. For many years she was the only one in her immediate family that had received this awesome gift (The Holy Ghost). She was a light to her parents and her siblings. Eventually, God started calling different ones from the Edwards family into the ark of safety (Jesus Christ). One night Lady Annie Richardson (Annie Edwards at the time) went to a meeting (Holy Ghost meeting) and God filled her with his Most Precious Gift (The Holy Ghost). Two years had passed and she met her now husband Bishop-Elect Richardson. God then called her onto the mission fill to evangelize and teach the Gospel to all.